Thursday, November 29, 2007

Layered Meanings

Although this group of paintings is based on places and experiences in Memphis, I only completed eight of them while I was still there. Unfortunately the rest of the canvases I ordered did not arrive in Memphis until the day before I left. The rest of the works were created back home in Metairie (New Orleans area).

During the interim, I sketched thumbnails on Post-It notes. As I worked on this group of paintings, my process slowly evolved. Along the way my method did change gradually. I didn’t finish the series until August 9, 2006. The works are ordered according to when they were finished, not in the order of a places visited and/or experiences occurred.

Event though I had my main ideas worked out, I sometimes found myself including places and experiences from New Orleans as well. Just because I start in one direction doesn’t mean I’m only devoted to that one direction. Sometimes the meanings become layered.

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