Friday, November 09, 2007

Dot Art Hands On Workshop Part Deux

Thursday night was déjà vu at Mt. Olivet Episcopal Church.
You see I was asked to repeat my dot art workshop since Tropical Storm Humberto scared a bunch of folks off back in September. So again I conducted a hands on dot art workshop with my fellow artists of ARTinA (Art in Algiers). I talked about the artists that influenced my dot art and then showed some examples of my completed works. Then I demonstrated
how to use wood dowels with cotton to paint different
patterns. After that, all of us painted on small canvases that were provided for the workshop. Four folks who missed the last one made it this time.


  1. Great pictures. Looks like all your students are getting the hang of it. Very nice examples of your artwork. Great blog for onging updates on your work.

  2. My students sure had fun painting last night. I'm glad you enjoyed visiting my blog and seeing my work. There's more to come very soon.

    I do request that folks click other to include a specific site address with their screen name.

  3. Very cool to share what you do with others. They look like they had fun. Have I seen your stuff at the North Shore Art Market in Covington? It seems familiar...

  4. The December ’06 show was the only time I participated in the North Shore Art Market. The New Orleans Art Association had a group tent. I didn’t have any sales at that show; so I have not tried it again.