Saturday, July 21, 2007

Ele Hangs More Dot Art

Ele Shoes and Accessories has increased the number of dot paintings that hang. I brought over the three 20" x 20" paintings created last fall. Originally I was just going to switch out the three paintings already there. Instead the store owners asked to keep the three that were hanging and to add the three new ones.

When Rivertown Fine Art Gallery closed in April, I also brought over more of the small paintings that were hanging there. At that time there were two small clusters of that size. The owners created two other cluster areas. So now more of them hang at one time.

Since these were taken, I have had more sales. Locals and tourists have been buying. The shop is located on Magazine Street. It's a popular street for shopping in general - art, antiques, etc.

On the first Saturday night of the month, the art galleries on Magazine Street and Julia Street (Arts District formerly Warehouse District) have coordinated gallery openings - usually from 6 to 9 p.m. It's kind of like going bar hopping. The next big Saturday is "White Linen Night" in August. Folks are asked to wear their white linen. Julia Street is blocked off for a block party that night.

The shoe shop doesn't participate in the openings, however there are Magazine Street Association special events when shops all stay open for a sale. The shop's current location is in a busy hub of shops and restaurants - on Magaazine Street near Louisiana Avenue. Lots of folks come and go.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Problem Painting

Here’s the painting that’s given me so much trouble since I began this batch. I’ve had to paint out some sections. Hopefully I’ll work the kinks out soon. Trying to mix colors to match is always a challenge. There are times when I just have to put a piece aside and come back to it later.

acrylic on canvas, 5" x 5"

Since I’m posting this one, I might as well show some photos that explain what it’s about. Last April the Friends of Rivertown Fine Art Gallery closed its doors for good. Here are the pieces that I had in the gallery since March of ’06. The status of the gallery had been in limbo for much of that time. For a number of Saturdays I was paid to sit at the gallery and sell the art. So, I spent a lot of time in this place. There’s a back working space that is great for artmaking. I painted many of my small paintings while I was there. Anyway I hate to see this venue go . . .

The colors I am using for this painting came from the gallery. This space is connected to a planetarium. Blue and black are used in that building too. Just as I did in the other pieces, I create a simplified personal symbol of an experience.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

More Lists, Ideas & Sketches

Although I may have slowed down in the final phase of painting, I’m still collecting ideas for future batches. At this time I’m working on my seventh list of ideas. The paintings in actual production are coming from the third list. The tricky part is making the idea into a finished work. Just because I have an idea and a thumbnail drawing, doesn’t mean a piece will pan out. Already I’m receiving comments about my newest group of paintings being different from the previous ones. I guess it’s inevitable that this continuing series will evolve.

Monday, July 09, 2007

The Quest for Canvases

The longest running tale is my quest for more canvases. Back in March I had a flurry of dot painting sales. This occurred right after I had wired all twenty-six of my new batch, “o” Series New Orleans. At that time I had twenty-six more in progress, but no blank canvases in that size.

Leave it to me to become enamored with a canvas the local stores stop carrying. I knew I’d have to order some. I made a call to an art supply store. When I checked back a couple of weeks later, the order wasn’t placed. OK, so I called another place. Then I checked back later with them and found out that order wasn’t made either.

By this time I was really agitated. I went to a third place that did handle this brand. I lucked out. The store had some of that size in stock. This store is not close by, so it is a distance to travel. I ended up placing an order there to buy additional canvases.

Well, it wasn’t until June that the canvases arrived. One order came in June 14th and the other order came in June 29th. Unfortunately, this brand is very popular – no matter what size. No extras are lying around for long. Orders are placed with the manufacturer in California. Anyway, I have enough for three more batches.

My Colors

Folks who like my work have always raved about the bright colors in my art. In college using “tube color” was discouraged. Mixing and neutralizing colors received emphasis. When I graduated and painted with more neutral colors I was fussed at by fans. “What happened to your bright colors?” they would ask.

This afternoon I had a call from a shop that hangs my art. Two of my pieces sold. I brought more works to the store and picked up a check. Tonight I looked at my records to figure what works were no longer hanging at the shop. Well, the two pieces that sold had neutral colors - oc and of. Don’t get me wrong; I still love bright colors. It amused me that the two neutral pieces sold ahead of the others that were brighter.