Saturday, July 21, 2007

Ele Hangs More Dot Art

Ele Shoes and Accessories has increased the number of dot paintings that hang. I brought over the three 20" x 20" paintings created last fall. Originally I was just going to switch out the three paintings already there. Instead the store owners asked to keep the three that were hanging and to add the three new ones.

When Rivertown Fine Art Gallery closed in April, I also brought over more of the small paintings that were hanging there. At that time there were two small clusters of that size. The owners created two other cluster areas. So now more of them hang at one time.

Since these were taken, I have had more sales. Locals and tourists have been buying. The shop is located on Magazine Street. It's a popular street for shopping in general - art, antiques, etc.

On the first Saturday night of the month, the art galleries on Magazine Street and Julia Street (Arts District formerly Warehouse District) have coordinated gallery openings - usually from 6 to 9 p.m. It's kind of like going bar hopping. The next big Saturday is "White Linen Night" in August. Folks are asked to wear their white linen. Julia Street is blocked off for a block party that night.

The shoe shop doesn't participate in the openings, however there are Magazine Street Association special events when shops all stay open for a sale. The shop's current location is in a busy hub of shops and restaurants - on Magaazine Street near Louisiana Avenue. Lots of folks come and go.


  1. We lived in New Orleans for years and I *love* that stretch of Magazine. Your work looks fantastic there.

  2. Thank you for the compliment.

  3. It's a little late, but congratulations on selling your art. It must've been exciting. Thanks for joining my neighborhood.

  4. It’s taken twenty years to find a “niche,” so I’m still excited about the sales of these pieces. Sure I’ve sold artwork in the past, but there has not been consistent demand for a group of pieces.