Monday, July 09, 2007

The Quest for Canvases

The longest running tale is my quest for more canvases. Back in March I had a flurry of dot painting sales. This occurred right after I had wired all twenty-six of my new batch, “o” Series New Orleans. At that time I had twenty-six more in progress, but no blank canvases in that size.

Leave it to me to become enamored with a canvas the local stores stop carrying. I knew I’d have to order some. I made a call to an art supply store. When I checked back a couple of weeks later, the order wasn’t placed. OK, so I called another place. Then I checked back later with them and found out that order wasn’t made either.

By this time I was really agitated. I went to a third place that did handle this brand. I lucked out. The store had some of that size in stock. This store is not close by, so it is a distance to travel. I ended up placing an order there to buy additional canvases.

Well, it wasn’t until June that the canvases arrived. One order came in June 14th and the other order came in June 29th. Unfortunately, this brand is very popular – no matter what size. No extras are lying around for long. Orders are placed with the manufacturer in California. Anyway, I have enough for three more batches.


  1. I just noticed your blog and wanted to say that it was intriguing... I really like the experimental feel of what you are doing! :-)

  2. Thank you. I'm enjoying the whole process. This series has allowed me to vary the subject in each piece without falling into the trap of all works being too much the same. My relatives have given me a hard time about that in the past.

    These works have been very popular with locals and tourists. I now have to worry about replacing the ones I sell. Since it has been twenty years after I earned my BFA, I’m very happy to finally find my niche. In the left column under “my artblogs” there are links to blogs featuring my other works. Much of my pre-adult work perished with the post Katrina flood.