Sunday, November 25, 2007


The day after Katrina hit, the news reports were initially hopeful as I watched CNN in my Memphis hotel room. The New Orleans residents who were interviewed seemed relieved that the storm was not as bad as it could have been. The question then was when would officials say it was safe to start back home.

In the early afternoon I was in the lobby waiting for my turn on one of the computer terminals. I wanted to check my e-mail. Then I heard folks talking about flooding and that it might be 6 months before anyone would be able to go back home.

acrylic on canvas, 5" x 5"

Back in my room I watched in horror the overhead shots of the city flooded. The only building I recognized was the Southern Yacht Club with its burning kitchen. I kept looking for a shot near my house so I’d know what happened to it. But all I saw were areas of the city that were unfamiliar to me – at least from overhead.

One of the images shown over and over again was a levee break with water continuing to flow into the city. That is what is depicted in this painting. After Hurricane Rita water again flooded the city.

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