Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Alpha Series

As I finish up the current batch of paintings, I am preparing some 6” x 6” canvases for a new series. Previously I mentioned that it I had a hard time finding this size canvas after the success of the first series I did. Well luckily an art supply store in the Bywater located some for me. My plan is to go back to more general designs of the first group of small dot paintings, The Greek Code. Here are the canvases with their first coat of paint – all except one.

24 - 6" x 6" s, acrylic and color pencil on canvas


  1. The canvasses look pretty even before you add the dots. Looks like a patchwork quilt. Best of luck with your new series, Mo!

    Merry Christmas! :D

  2. Daisy:

    The quilt-like grid is how I started my process. I only added dots when I wasn't satisfied with the triangles by themselves. Quilters have come up to me to talk about my art at shows.

    Thank you. I only have four left from the twenty-four I painted long ago.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too! : D

    Mo : D

  3. Will you sell this as a set? I agree, this project definitely has an appeal to quilters. Perhaps some of their traditional designs from the past can inspire you further. Check out Flying Geese. You are doing and great job! Liz

  4. Liz:

    My past sales have consisted of one to three canvases purchased by an individual. If someone wanted them buy them as a set, I wouldn’t mind. The thing is I usually don’t complete them all at once. Given that they do move, I try to have them in public view as quickly as I finish.

    Whereas quilters have come up to me to talk about the pieces, I don’t remember them buying any of my dot art paintings. Of the ones who bought my paintings directly, I’m not aware that any of them were quilters. The rest of the sales were through a co-op gallery and a shoe store.

    Thank you for your suggestion for patterns. I’m always looking for new ones to use. Also, thank you for the enthusiasm. : )

    Mo : )