Monday, December 08, 2008

Fleur de Lis Fad Fades; Dot Art Popularity Still Strong

This afternoon I received a call asking me to drop off more artwork at Ele. When I brought over some new pieces, I was informed that the “fleur de lis” craze has tapered off. One fleur de lis has been hanging there since late September. I was ready to leave another one, but was told no.

Although the fad has quieted down, the fleur de lis is still quite visible around the city. The newly elected congressman of the second district, James Cao, had a fleur de lis emblazoned across his last name on his campaign signs. In the meantime I’ll just be patient.

My dot art has a good track record in general. I can be very thankful that both tourists and locals are buying these works. In spite of a rough economy, this has been a good year for my dot art. Anyway, I should be painting.


  1. Don't listen to the person at Ele. The Fleur de Lis is a HUGE part of Louisiana culture that's still found & enjoyed everywhere here (it's also popular in Quebec...go figure.) Perhaps THEY didn't want another one, but it's no "fad." It's a state symbol!

  2. Lana:

    She grew up in New Orleans. So, she is well aware of the significance of it. The demand for them is not what it was right after the storm.

    Also, I have no interest in only doing fleur de lys. I ‘m very happy that I’ve been able to vary my imagery and still have dot paintings sell – even with the rough economy. I get bored so easily.

    Mo : )

  3. You are such a creative person, Mo, I find it hard to believe that you get bored. I'm glad to hear the dot art is selling for you. It can't be easy the way the economy is right now.

  4. Daisy:

    Doing the same imagery over and over again is what I’m trying to avoid. There are times when I’m in a creative rut and I have to pull myself out. Often I will go to visit art exhibits and look at art books.

    Mo : )