Friday, September 19, 2008


In the fall of ’06 I received a letter from Cingular telling me that my cell phone network would be phased out by February 2008. The envelope included an ad with the plans available. Well, I wanted something very basic. That meant going to the Cingular store to get my new phone (rebated fortunately) using the new network that would be supported.

acrylic on canvas, 5" x 5"

The initial Cingular screen image, that appears when I turn the phone on, has the Cingular logo with a design including blue and orange circles. This painting marks the change I had to make in getting my new phone. I made my own bubble shapes and played with the colors that Cingular used.


  1. I like this piece, Mo. Doesn't it take a long time to create one of these with each dot so carefully placed? You must have a great deal of patience when you are working.

  2. Interesting...the way the circles & lines connect, I almost see peace symbols in some places.
    (Personally I don't "do" cell phones. Just not much call for it in my life--pardon the pun. ;)

  3. daisy:

    Yes, adding the dots takes a lot of time. My consolation is that the paintings do sell. I have plenty of award-winning non-dot art that doesn’t sell.

    Mo : )

  4. lana:

    Having a cell phone became necessary when I was an itinerant talent visual art teacher. I commuted between four schools in a week and needed to be able to receive calls as well as make calls. That was only for one semester. The following semester I commuted between two schools. And for the next three years I only had one school.

    Another incentive for having a cell phone was for car emergencies. I had several road experiences where I was left stranded. During evacuations I have found a cell phone very useful too.

    I’m on a plan that charges a flat monthly fee. You call against the amount charged. The fees roll over each month. So, actually I like that better than just paying a monthly fee and then not using the phone enough.

    At this point I use it primarily for emergencies and long distance calls. I don’t want to be one who interrupts meetings or disturbs others dining or others using the restroom.

    Since Katrina, there are some folks who gave up on landlines period. I kept my landline though – for now.

    Mo : )