Sunday, September 07, 2008

Dot Pillow

Last Thursday I moved to another hotel in Memphis. This is a shot of a pillow from the lobby of the first hotel. It is one of two pillows. The pillows were on chairs near a big flat screen television. Folks watched the weather channel as the Hurricane Gustav made landfall.

In the meantime I've been taking a lots of pictures while visiting parks and gardens in Memphis. I've been keeping busy, but I've been too agitated to make any art. When I packed, I did manage to take some color pencils, color sticks and water color pencils. Bringing painting supplies was just too involved. Now I'm monitoring Ike's progress. Tuesday is the day that
the forecasters promise to have a better sense of where Ike will go.


  1. Gosh, it must be hard living in hotels all this time. I wouldn't be able to think about being creative either. I'll look forward to seeing the photos you are taking. My prayers are still with you and yours concerning this next storm. Ike looks like it may be a bad one.

  2. I like the colors. Good combo.
    Have you ret'd home yet? My fingers are still crossed that Ike continues westward, myself...

  3. daisy & lana:

    This is my fourth evacuation. So I'm much more organized about what I need to do. If there had been no evacuations this year, I would have taken a trip anyway. It's been a while since I've been on one. So I count this as a vacation. Plus this is where I found my groove with the small 5" x 5" dot paintings. My last two dot paintings were not working out.

    I did switch hotels though. Unfortunately the one I'm in now was booked up by the time I decided I would need to evacuate. It's in a very convenient location.

    After Gustav moved through I kept reading reports concerning conditions back home. Going back to my house and not having power, not being able to flush, not having gas stations open, being told to purchase groceries before returning and being told that we were to remain in our homes and not venture out did not sit well with me. Why go make myself miserable? So I opted to stay a little longer.

    I do have some friends who live here. Also, I got together with some friends who evacuated here. Plus there’s plenty to do up here. Gustav rolled through here with just an all-day-drizzle.

    On The Weather Channel, one forecaster keeps mentioning September 10th being the average most dangerous day of the tropical season. Only a few days ago Hanna, Ike and Josephine were all just churning away in the Atlantic. Anyway, I’ve been taking photos for my photoblogs as I visit new (to me) and old (to me) places in this area.

    I’m in no rush to stress any more than necessary. Distractions are good right now. Granted conditions have become more normal back home and I have confirmation that my house is fine. But going home to only evacuate again doesn’t suit me. An aunt of mine spent fifteen hours in evacuation traffic gridlock for Hurricane Ivan. She had a heart attack upon arriving in Natchez, MS. Fortunately she survived it.

    At least it’s not like after Hurricane Katrina. The newscasters were saying it might be six months before we could go back. That had me reeling. For now, I just have to take this one day at a time.


  4. In that case, I hope you're enjoying your vacation & getting re-energized & inspired. :)

  5. lana:

    I'm a lot less anxious up here. Also, I've made a point of going to some places I did not visit the last time. Hopefully I'll be creatively re-energized.

    Mo : )