Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hotel Key

Below is my hotel key with some red blooming begonias behind it. I forgot that this hotel’s keys have dot holes in them. Last Thursday I switched to this hotel that is in Memphis itself. It puts me closer to places I want to go. Hurricane Ike will make landfall tomorrow. I’m glad it’s not going to hit New Orleans, but I’ll be happier when it is finished.


  1. That's amazing the way you can find art wherever you go, Mo! Cool! :)

    You've had a long wait for these storms to be over and done with. I'm sure it will be a relief for you to have them behind you so you can return home. I hope it will be soon and that things go well when you return.

  2. daisy:

    The artist’s job is to help the other folks see art. Memphis was a source of inspiration for me before and now is again.

    By the end of September, the Gulf of Mexico will have cooled - knock on wood. Usually by October we can relax. Tropical storms and hurricanes can still form, but they are not as strong as they are in August and September.

    The storm season ends November 1st; however in 2005, a few storms formed after that date. That year the storms exceeded the official list of names forcing the weather folks to use letters of the Greek alphabet – that is the default.

    When I called my neighbor, back home, she commented that winds were picking up already today. Hopefully the New Orleans area will avoid major affects of the storm. Ideally Ike will move through quickly. If it stalls, that will be bad news.

    OK, I must think happy thoughts. : )


  3. Just kind of breezy & cloudy with occassional winds here on the northshore, fyi.

  4. lana:

    I'm glad your town is not flooding - like other places in Louisiana. Hopefully Ike will not affect Memphis much.

    Mo : )