Monday, September 15, 2008

Dot Bedspread

The bedspread in my room has a dot pattern. It isn’t quite as exciting as the other dot patterns I posted previously. I didn’t see any other dot patterns when I looked around this hotel. Anyway, moving on to other thoughts.

At this point I’m tempted to interrupt some of my recent dot art back home in order to make some new dot works based on this trip. I figure I should make new art while I’m inspired. Also, I have to finish some 20” x 20” dot pieces for a show in early November. So I have a lot of work ahead of me when I return home.


  1. Hi Mo! :) I kind of like the colors in the bedspread--seems cheerful.

    How are things going for you? Are you still in Memphis? Or have you returned home. I'm glad to hear you are feeling inspired and that you are looking ahead to future projects. I'm looking forward to seeing what you are up to next. :D

  2. daisy:

    For the moment I’m still exploring Memphis and taking it easy. I really haven’t felt like making any art while I’m here. I have been taking a lot of photos. (see pic journal) When I return, there will be some catching up to do. After that, I’m not sure how quickly my process will result in new works.

    Since the storm season is quieter and since most circumstances have returned to normal where I live, I will be going back shortly. I’m grateful that that is possible. During the Katrina evacuation, it was three weeks before I knew about the status of my house.

    Mo : )

  3. dotartdude: I have to say I admire you for keeping up with your theme by blogging these found-art pieces during your exile. It must be a total drag, living in hotels and not being able to go home - but you've always kept to the positive in your posts, and for that I say, "good on ya!"

  4. jan 4 insight:

    Being in a hotel limits what I have to worry about at this point. Besides I haven’t taken a trip in couple of years. There are some places I did not explore the last time I was here. My blog pic journal is where I will be posting photos over the next month. Yes, I have been shooting a bunch of pics while I’m here.

    If I didn’t do a trip connected with an evacuation, I had in mind to do one anyway. I just hadn’t settled on where.

    Mo : )