Saturday, March 29, 2008


Two years ago when I attended an art educators convention in Chicago, I was not able to book a room in the main hotel. In fact up until two weeks before the convention I had not heard back from a service that was supposed to find me a room. An orthopedists convention had complicated matters when it chose to switch its convention from New Orleans to Chicago. My understanding was that there were 80,000 of them versus the almost 5,000 art educators. Anyway, I ended up at the downtown Hampton Inn. It was a five-minute ride from the main hotel.

acrylic on canvas, 5" x 5"

Lucky for me, the hotel was close to a wide variety of eating establishments. So, I did have a chance to try a variety of places nearby without having to taxi anywhere. Since the main hotel was a distance away and the March weather was so cold, I spent a lot more time at the hotel in the evenings. That brings me to my colors for this painting. They are comprised of the variety of greens I noticed in the Hampton Inn’s lobby, breakfast area and computer room. I combined colors to make this piece.


  1. This one reminds me of my Jewish upbringing...Partially because of the 6 sided star visible in the image, & partly in the name "oi," kind of like "oy vey." *LOL*

  2. lana:

    My titles are completely arbitrary. Creating a 6 sided - wait, wouldn't that be an 8 sided star? Well anyway, creating a star was not the point of making this one.

    A Jewish girl I've known since high school has a habit of saying that expression.

    Anyway, thanks for the chuckle this morning.

    Mo : )

  3. Yes, it's an 8-pointed star, but it's reminiscent of the 6. I understand that the titles are arbitrary, too, it all just seemed to go together that way in my head. *L*