Sunday, March 09, 2008


In March of ’06 I traveled to Chicago for the National Art Education Convention. I arrived a couple of days early in order to visit the art centers and museums. At the Chicago Cultural Center there was an exhibit called “Situation Comedy: Humor in Recent Art.” The show featured conceptual works, by a group of artists, which included paintings, pop art, videos, mixed media, sculptures, found objects and installations.

acrylic on canvas, 5" x 5"

Obviously you’ve noticed the LOL symbol and the bright pop colors in this painting. I figured it summed up the personality of this show. It was a
fun show.


  1. Actually this made me think of the first quarter moon & a couple of stars...but I see the smiley face, too. :)

  2. lana:

    It's always more fun to read what other folks see in my art.

    Mo : )

  3. Glad you appreciate it. Some people get pretty offended if you don't see what they see, y'know?

  4. Since I have worked abstractly for so long I have gotten used to the fact that people will have different interpretations of my art. A cousin found a squirrel (top middle slightly to the right) in this painting “Connected Forms.” I told her that I had not intended to paint a squirrel. However, now when I look at the piece I see the squirrel she pointed out.

    When I created this work, my intent was to suggest organic forms, but not to make them identifiable per se. Sometimes I still face the comments “what is it?” or “what is it supposed to be?” Now, if I had intended the works to be realistic, I would really be insulted. Anyway, I like hearing other interpretations. It’s kind of exciting to see what other people bring to my art.

    Mo : )