Monday, March 17, 2008


In April of ’06 I joined an online video aggregating community called
VideoSift. It quickly became one of my favorite places online. I have watched a vast number of videos since that time. Some of the more creative videos have had an impact on me creatively. Much has changed on the site in the last two years.

This painting, however, is influenced by the colors used on the original site. The two triangles are derived from the up and down voting triangles. This painting is the first one I created to remember a place online.

acrylic on canvas, 5" x 5"


  1. Something about the coloring reminds me of the Windows icon. Cool, though!
    Sorry I've been absent lately, but the mundania monster has had me fully in its grasp. Hopefully that will let up soon!

  2. Lana:

    It’s the four areas of color that makes you think of the Microsoft logo. A while back several companies used that four-square idea. Designs seem to come in waves. Among movie poster designs you’ll notice the exact same composition repeated over a span of few years.

    Microsoft’s logo was not my inspiration. I was interested in mainly representing the colors used on the old VideoSift site. The completed piece sort of just came out that way.

    Today I had to catch up with laundry. I put off doing it too long. That made it a major chore. Lucky for me I arrived when the laundry mat was empty - giving me a head start. Then a bunch of people came in after me. It took me a little over three hours from start to finish.

    Mo : )