Friday, March 21, 2008


Another exhibit I visited at the Chicago Cultural Center,
while attending the art educators convention in Chicago, was “Los Carpinteros.” This show was by a collaborative group of Cuban artists that creates a wide variety of artworks including installation art. Several pieces in the show were rather whimsical, i.e., a porcelain couch with stove burners, porcelain stairs with stove burners, a large wooden hand with drawers, etc.

Anyway, for this painting I was inspired by the teal color of a table that contained a shallow pool for ice that would melt and re-freeze. When I rendered this painting with dots, I implied drawers with knobs – based on several sculptures containing drawers in the show. Before leaving the building I bought a catalog for each show I saw.

acrylic on canvas, 5" x 5"


  1. Ironically, before I read the words, I thought this painting reminded me of a dresser underwater (I almost pictured it in Ariel's cave in "The Little Mermaid.") The colors & pattern are both very soothing. Nice!
    (Sorry for the absence again...had some back problems.)

  2. Lana:

    Mixing the colors for this painting took some doing. I kept going back and forth between blue and green.
    Bringing up the “The Little Mermaid” reminded me of my painting Florescence of Fish. A girl, I knew in high school, bought it for her mother. The painting dictated the décor when it came to decorating a guest bedroom.

    Anyway, sorry to hear you’re having back trouble. I twinge just reading the words “back problems.” Some other folks I know have had trouble this past year. ‘Hope you are feeling better soon.

    I’m so close to finishing the last two paintings of this bunch. But first there’s an art educator convention in town. I’m going to hear some artists speak over the next few days. It should be fun. Oh and there’s the art supply showroom. Hopefully there’ll be some new art supplies to try out.

    Mo : )

  3. Cool on Florescence of Fish. I like that image, as well.
    My back's already much better, thanks! I've been seriously babying it for a couple of days now.
    Art educator convention? Where do you hear about such things? I only ever seem to hear about local talks, shows, contests & workshops after the fact. <:(