Sunday, October 21, 2007

Random Wood

From the end of 2003 to the winter of 2005, I continued to have sales of the Greek Code paintings. But as far as producing new dot art, I did not. I kept experimenting and trying new directions. The artist who organized the Sofa Art Show continued to organize more shows and invite me to participate in them. Some of those shows had an impact on the new art I created. In 2005 she asked a group of us to create works that did not involve drawing or painting. We had attended a number of artist panel discussions that featured artists who were much more conceptual in their art making. She figured we ought to have a go at being more conceptual.

Nail Order, nails and wood, 4" x 6.625"

I had created a number of grid works over a seven-year-period, so I started with one for the first few of these pieces. To found hardware and wood scraps in my attic and garag. I had turned 40 the previous year and my house was built the same year I was born. So it seemed natural to work with these found. These were extra items just lying around. I even went to my family’s home to see if there were unused wood scraps or hardware that might make interesting artwork.

Silver Circles, tacks on wood, 7.125" x 18.875"

The first piece was a bit boring. I simply nailed nails in a grid. The second piece is where I happened upon the idea of keeping the pattern more random. The environment at school made me embrace working in a random fashion. Working randomlly was more exciting. To my surprise the creation of these works went super fast. To see the rest of the pieces, click on random wood.


  1. I like the Silver Circles and I think when you work randomly, without over thinking, your work is more honest and attractive. Nice Blog!

  2. My strength is my intuition. When I plan too much, it ruins the art.

    Thanks for dropping by.

    Mo : )