Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Two Years Old!

Two years ago I had to find out what a blog was all about. First I found an AOL top-ten-blog list. I began exploring examples of blogs. I was looking at a Blogger blog when suddenly I was being asked to create one of my own. OK, I chickened out when prompted with a dialogue box.

Well, I decided to take a tour. That made me comfortable enough to plunge in and start one. I already had photos of my artwork that I had taken with sister’s digital camera. I used them on an AOL website. I had to create it on her Dell computer because the software for an AOL website was not Mac friendly. She loved kidding me about that.

It wasn’t long after that that I bought a digital camera and took more pictures. The camera even had the ability to film video. Since much of my adult art survived Hurricane Katrina and the flood, I was determined to have more of my art online. I figured blogs would a useful vehicle for putting work out there. Oh, I did look into blogging using AOL. However what was available for a Mac user was very limited. Blogger just made it so easy to jump in and make a blog.

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