Thursday, October 25, 2007

More Found Object Art

In the fall of 2004 a print shop went out of business. The owner invited my group of art talent teachers over to gather whatever junk we wanted. One item I found was a plastic container of brass tacks. I brought them to my small classroom. Over the next year I wondered what I could possible do with them. I also collected some gold chain from my co-op gallery that closed at end of 2004. You never know when you'll pick up some neat junk.

And then came the “Not Easel Art” Show. It was the show I mentioned in a previous post that did not include drawings or paintings. I had just worked with tacks. Well now I tried brass tacks. This time I found some odd pieces of wood in the classroom. They were in a box of wood scraps. Each one had a circular hole. I think the pieces supported some kind of pipe at one time.

Anyway, these are two pieces have intrigued people. I decided to make them opposites. One had a hole up and the other one had a hole down. Yes, my titles are usually matter of fact. It helps me to remember what I name my pieces.

Hole Up, brass tacks on wood with chain, 4.5" x 17"

Hole Down, brass tacks on wood with chain, 4.5" x 17"


  1. Let me see, the first one says "Ceci n'est pas une pipe" in Braille and the second one, "L.H.O.O.Q.". great stuff.

  2. LOL! :D

    I found an explanation of "L.H.O.O.Q." in a Taschen book on Marcel Duchamp. In French it reads phonetically, "Elle a chaud au cul" (She's got a hot ass). A typical art history textbook doesn't tell you that.

    For anyone wondering, there is no intended message in the arrangement of the tacks. I nailed them in randomly.

    Thank you for the chuckle. :D

  3. I'm not an art critic, nor did I know that the tacks formed braille. But I did think those two pieces are cool, how long did it take to make them?

  4. Don’t worry about whether or not you are an art critic. There are some works you will like, some you will ignore and some you will dislike. Looking at art is a very subjective thing.

    jet fisher was teasing me about the pattern of the tacks on the two pieces. Their arrangement has nothing to do with Braille - an alphabet that blind people use to read. If you click on the link, you’ll see that Braille is made up of dots to represent letters.

    The only things I added to these two pieces of wood were the brass tacks and chains. The two pieces of wood already had paint on them. Before adding the tacks, I drew a grids on one side to decide where the tacks would go. I don’t think either of them took much more than an hour to make.

    Thank you for the compliment. I hope you stop by again.

    Mo : )