Tuesday, March 01, 2011


In April of ’06 I joined an online video aggregating community called
VideoSift. It quickly became one of my favorite places to hang out online. I have watched a vast number of videos since that time. Some of the more creative videos have had an impact on me creatively. Much has changed on the site in the last five years.

This painting, however, is influenced by the colors used on the original site. The two triangles are derived from the up and down voting triangles used on the site. This painting is the first one I created to remember a place online.

acrylic on canvas, 5" x 5"


  1. Of these last seven that you added, Mo, I like this one the best. The dots and color combos make my eyes travel around the canvas. Pretty cool.

    I like how you can look at your work, and each one is a memory for you of some particular place or event or time. Your art is like a history, of sorts, of your life. :)

  2. Daisy:

    Thank you very much. ‘Glad you liked this one.

    Daisy, you’ve articulated one of my reasons for making these dot paintings. It’s been a way for me to document experiences, events and places, following Hurricane Katrina and the Flood. My memory before the hurricane and flood has become fuzzy.

    Along the way I’ve formed the habit of generating lists of experiences, events and places as they occur. Later on I’ve pared down the list eliminating items that don’t evoke an image and aren’t as important. My process has become time consuming and tedious. However, I continue to enjoy the final products that result from my efforts.

    Mo : )