Sunday, February 22, 2009


Following Hurricane Katrina, an artist organization I belong to, called ARTinA (art in Algiers), scheduled several of its artist members to make presentations. Flamework glass artist, Debbie Dufrene, demonstrated lamping to the artists gathered. She makes a variety of glass beads. She passed around samples of her work as she demonstrated the process.

acrylic on canvas, 5" x 5"

Given the look of the beads, I wanted to create a painting that captured a similar spirit. So using bright colors, I divided up the square surface. I then created a circle, made up of dots., on top of each background. See a bowl of Debbie Dufrene’s beads below.


  1. Very bright and cheerful, Mo! :D

    You captured the essence of the beads very well.

  2. Daisy:

    Thank you. It's good to know I succeeded in my mission.

    Mo : )

  3. Thank you, Maurice! I posted this on my own blog and will get some pics posted soon of the art that you have inspired in turn.

  4. Debbie:

    Thank you for the link on your blog. I'm now following your blog too.

    Mo : )