Wednesday, October 29, 2008

dot art Turns Three!

Three years ago I started this blog about my dot artwork. My journey started with AOL’s blogging area. However, AOL didn’t cater to Mac users. When I was poking around a top ten list, I soon found myself being confronted by Blogger’s friendly question asking me if I wanted to create a blog. I was a bit startled at first. But then my curiosity got the better of me. Soon I created several blogs.

At that time I was very grateful that my adult art had survived the post Katrina flood. Unfortunately I had stored my kid art at an aunt’s home – that flooded after the storm. Some of the art, that I had placed high off the floor was alright, but the other works had to be pitched.

Interestingly enough, AOL has decided to not only shut down its blogging area, AOL Journals, but also to shut down its web site area, AOL Hometown and AOL Pictures. For those who wanted to transfer blogs over to Blogger, AOL had made arrangements. After receiving those three blue envelopes, I’m a bit skittish about receiving any more of them.

Two months ago New Orleans was all set to recognize the third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and the flood. But Hurricane Gustav had its own plans for Labor Day weekend. Many locals found themselves evacuating, yet again. Some decided to stay this time. All things considered, the city lucked out.

This Saturday begins an event in New Orleans, called Prospect.1 New Orleans [P.1]. It is an international biennial that will run through January 18, 2009. The show will showcase global and regional artists – 81 artists scattered across 24 city locations. I like to refer to it as an “art world’s fair.” That at least gives locals an idea of what is happening. Prospect One was curated by Dan Cameron of the New Orleans Contemporary Arts Center. One piece discussed in our local paper, The Times-Picayune, is an ark installation in the lower ninth ward.

Anyway, it’s now three years later. My dot art has done well with tourists and locals alike. This blog has served as a place for feedback. It also has become part of my dot art process. Happy birthday, dot art.


  1. Yes, indeed - Happy Birthday! Three years takes a lot of dedication, and you've had many challenges in that time, Kudos on your persistence, and best wishes for many more blogging and art years.

  2. jan 4 insight:

    Thank you for your supportive message. I really appreciate it.

    During my first year of blogging, I felt like I was posting to a silent void - most of the time. Joining blogging communities has helped remedy some of that.

    Mo : )

  3. Congratulations and happy birthday to dot art, Mo! :D

    Wow--three years! That's impressive! I have no idea how you do it. It seems like you never run out of ideas for what to post. I really enjoy your creative ideas and hope you continue.

  4. daisy:

    Keeping momentum for three years has not been easy. I’ve had to explore different tangents when my art production slowed down.

    I’m glad you’ve enjoyed keeping up with my blog. There’s definitely much more to come.

    Mo : )

  5. Happy blogiversary, Mo! Keep up the good work. :) Do you have anything displayed in Prospect.1?

  6. lana:

    Thank you. Thank you. : D

    I'm afraid my art does not have the global reputation the artists in Prospect One do. Also, the curator seems to be big on installation art. That given, I'm still excited about the reputation this kind of show carries and what it may mean for New Orleans in the “art world.” If this works, there will be more biennials here.

    Mo : D