Monday, July 07, 2008

"a" Series Second Batch!

Here’s a peek at what’s coming. I recently finished the second coat of paint on the 2nd batch of “a” Series paintings. As of right now I’m not sure about the full title. Designs are more or less nailed down. However, things do change along the road to completion. There are plenty of bright ones in this group.

26 - 5" x 5" s, acrylic and color pencil on canvas


  1. Oh, that is SO cool!! The colors are great, but what I like best is the way you've got them blocked together. Excellent!

  2. kelly:

    This is probably the only time you’ll see them together. As I finish each one, I’m usually bringing them to somewhere to be sold. The website called Slide has a checkerboard slide show. It allows me to show the pieces as a checkerboard virtually.

    Mo : )

  3. Neat on your virtual checkerboard!