Friday, March 23, 2012


"Day Watch" is the sequel to film "Night Watch." Like the original film, it was a visually exciting movie for me. And like the first film I felt compelled to make a dot art painting. After a lot of thought, I narrowed down ideas to the scene with a female vampire driving her red Mazda along the side of a large building. I loved the use of red and black in
the footage.

As the car rides up the side of the building white stars, that hang from the roof of the car, no longer hang straight down.  The moment of the shift and the sense of flying were both visually riveting to me. I hope the third installment is made eventually.

acrylic on canvas, 5" x 5"


  1. This is really cool, Mo. I like this. I've never seen those films, but I like the way you captured the story here. I like the bold red, black, and white colors and how they set each other off. :-)

    1. Daisy:

      Thank you very much! : )

      The movies were the most visually exciting vampire films I've seen. I loved the special affects used in them.

      Mo : )