Thursday, October 01, 2009

"e" Series: Reaction

In preparing my 5” x 5” canvases for this group of dot paintings, I decided to change my background design.
In the past, many of my pieces, that size, had a spoked wheel or pinwheel look to them. I still wanted to use triangles in the background. Thus, I arranged the triangles into a diamond shape.

In addition to the diamond, I also altered my application of dots. The last series of 6” x 6” paintings I just completed, provoked a strong reaction. I had enough of making mandalas - not that I will never work that way again. Boxing myself in like that, for a whole series, just agitated me more than usual. Therefore this group is going to be very experimental and eclectic.

The 6” x 6” ‘s, themselves, were also a diversion from what I had been doing. So when I went back to my 5” x 5” idea list, I started editing the items down based on what I thought I could do visually. If I didn’t have a sketch in my head by now, the idea wasn’t worth pursuing. Basically, I modified my
game plan.

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