Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"a" Series Transition Completed!

On March 11th of 2007 I finished the “o” Series New Orleans. About the same time I began work on a new batch, the “a” Series. It wasn’t until April 3rd , 2007, that I was ready to add the dots. Taking what’s in my head and then translating that into some arrangement of dots has been the hardest part of making these paintings. I didn’t expect this process to be so dragged out, but that was exactly what happened.

Some pieces dealt with more serious events this time. Thus, working on the paintings was more difficult for me - beyond just the imagery. A number of the pieces depict visual references of forced changes occurring between June and December 2006. That’s why I have settled on calling this batch the “a” Series Transition. I’ll discuss each work a bit later.

In the meantime I’ve begun work on the latter half of the “a” series. The remaining part of the title has not quite gelled yet. I’ll have to wait. In the meantime I’m completing the first coat of paint on the canvases. After this post, I will return to the explanations of the “o” Series New Orleans.


  1. Enjoying your "a" series so far. Sorry I haven't commented lately, but I'm trying to spend more time painting, myself. I seem to have fallen far behind on numerous projects. <:\

  2. lana:

    Don't worry. I'll discuss each of the "a" series pieces after I cover the rest of the "o" series pieces.

    Time just zips by, doesn't it.

    Mo : )

  3. It sure does...Especially now that Spring is formally here. :)