Sunday, September 23, 2007

Code Series: The First Four

Picking up where I left on September 14, here are the first four paintings where I settled in on painting formula. After changing my mind several times, I decided to keep my rendering of the triangles flat. I then put dots over the triangles to soften the imagery.

In applying the paint I kept the dots a bit sloppy. I wanted the pieces to have a primitive the feel. But as I continued painting, I wasn’t totally satisfied. When I went on to paint the next four, the dots were much more controlled.

My plan for these four and the following four was to show them as a group in a downtown space. An organization I belonged to was already hanging there – one artist each month. Around the time I was completing these, the terror alert color code was introduced. The different levels inspired my titles.

Also around the same time my mother was facing her cancer. My family endured many alerts as health grew worse. It was like waiting for the other shoe to drop, except was more than one pair of shoes.

At the beginning of 2002, I became interested in the colors that I used in the "Code Orange" painting. My plan was to repeat the same colors when I painted the other canvases in the series. Along the way I had to make adjustments because of color shifting. Sometimes adjacent colors affect the perception of a color. One color was always a dominant color.

Here are the first four.

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