Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Eighth Year!

Eight years ago I became a blogger. For months I’d heard the word bandied about in various media. My curiosity got the best of me when I noticed a top-ten-blog-list on AOL. Before I knew it, I was clicking a button to create a blog.

My excitement led me to create more blogs. I had blogs for my old art and blogs for my new art. The blogs were prompted by the destruction of my art in a flood following Hurricane Katrina. The art wasn’t high enough off the floor in the house where I was storing it. Only some of my work was destroyed.

Then I bought my own digital camera. Up until then I borrowed my sister’s camera. Now armed with my own camera, I had more ideas for blogs. I busily documented local happenings as the New Orleans area recovered.

Little did I realize my camera was capable of shooting video. After some experimentation, I began making videos and posting them on blogs, too. My preference was to stay behind the camera instead of in front of it. Vlogging never appealed to me. A few years later I experimented with dot imagery.

During the last eight years my interest in blogging has waned a bit. Other life events have gotten in the way. My creative momentum has slowed which has made blogging a more cumbersome experience. Thinking up new material is hard enough, but I’ve had to find innovative ways to continue this effort.

Don’t worry. I have more dot artwork in progress. For whatever reason, I find myself stuck in the year 2007 with themes. It was an important creative year for me apparently. In the meantime I keep regular notes, which hopefully will inspire new imagery. Periodically I whittle down the list. Yes, I do have plans to cover other years too.

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