Sunday, April 08, 2012


The same night I went to Art for Art's Sake I photographed some close ups of a desk that was decorated with pieces of glass. A light behind them dramatized the colors and details of the glass pieces. Below are three photos I took that night.

First I painted my canvas using a neutral color. Then I marked off the spaces with lighter areas of dots. To finish I took colors from the three different photos to make my own image.

acrylic on canvas, 5" x 5"


  1. This is so impressive, Mo. I love this one. I always like hearing about what inspired your work. Just curious...have you ever looked at something that you painted from a while back and find that you have forgotten what inspired it? Or does it always bring back some memory for you? I just wondered because you've done so many pieces. :)

    1. Daisy.

      Thank you very much. : )

      Actually you have brought up an interesting point. So far I have had no trouble remembering the source images for my completed paintings. Their count stands at one hundred and forty-six.

      However, I have run into memory problems with my paintings still in process. This happened to me recently when I looked at the canvases for the next batch. They have a first coat of background colors – some with very similar combinations. So when I compare these canvases to my handwritten list of images, not all the canvases correspond with the list.

      Each list I make for a batch comes from a longer list. I regularly add new items to end of the long list and scratch through earlier items that have failed to provoke a visual for me. Lately, I’ve been editing a lot more since I’m still working with ideas from 2007. What can I say? That year provided a lot of visual stimulation for me.

      Mo : )