Friday, October 07, 2011

Code Pink

Pink was my color choice for my last painting of this batch. I chose pink over magenta. Too many folks would not recognize the name.

 This painting proved a lot more fun when I played with colors on top of pink. It gave me the opportunity to vary dot sizes in rendering an "X" pattern. There's no message. "X" was just a design device.

 When "Code Pink" won a first place ribbon, I was definitely "tickled pink." Many people have told me they liked this painting. So, this concludes the story of the eight paintings.

acrylic on canvas, 22" x 28"


  1. I can see why it won. It's really lovely. :)

  2. Daisy:

    Thank you.

    Winning, in a competition, is always a gamble. I never know when it will happen. That's why I am very grateful when it does happen.

    Mo : )