Monday, November 02, 2009


A couple of springs back, I saw an installation by Ammar Eloueini at the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans.
The structure made of lit triangular shapes intrigued me. So I included the experience on my dot-art-idea list. The question became how to best depict what I had seen and make it
my own.

acrylic on canvas, 5" x 5"

Fortunately I was able to purchase a book about his work. Recently I skimmed through the book looking for the basic elements of his designs. Triangles and lighting were the two most dominant features. Already I had chosen two dark blue shades for my background. So then I painted lighter blue dots in the shape of triangles on top it. I used varying tints of blue to create intensities. To make the image mine, I loosened the grid in places so that it wasn’t quite so rigid and accurate.


  1. I liked that one, Mo, but it made me a little dizzy if I looked at it too long. HA! :D

  2. Daisy:

    Are you trying to say my painting is mesmerizing? And I should add a "viewer discretion warning"?

    I guess there's a compliment buried in there somewhere. : P

    Mo : D

  3. Mesmerizing, yes, that's what I meant. HA! You make me laugh, Mo.

    No, it's just that I have bad eyes and some things because of the color or design make me dizzy when I look at them. I also can't watch the video games my sons play on the TV. Something to do with my depth perception, I think. It wasn't meant as a negative comment about this work. I really do like it.

    I am severely nearsighted, have astigmatism, and the possible beginnings of glaucoma according to my eye doctor, so some things just affect my eyes in a strange way is all.

    Hope you have a good weekend! :)

  4. Daisy:

    Turns out I also have a stigmatism. I wear reading glasses and driving glasses. And I‘ve had preventative eye surgery for glaucoma. What that means for my art and what you see in this work, I’m not quite sure.

    ‘Glad you like this one, though.

    Mo : )