Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dot Rug

Currently I’m in the Memphis area having evacuated from the New Orleans area. I’m keeping an eye on Hurricane Gustav’s progress. Here’s a shot of the rug in my hotel room. By coincidence it happens to have dots in it.


  1. We stayed put here in Abita Springs. A tornado went through the day after Gustav, but we were spared. Our problem came when the Abita Creek breached its banks & flooded our yard for a couple of days!
    Hope your place made out okay!

  2. lana:

    My neighbor says my house is fine. Electricity is working. Gas stations are open. : )

    Now we're all worried about Ike and what it will do.

    Mo : (

  3. Glad your house is okay. That's always great news, eh? :)

  4. lana:

    I'm glad my house is OK. Fortunately it was well built.

    Mo : )