Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dot Update

Here are two more new paintings. I only have five more left to finish painting in this batch. Also, I’m making progress on the batch that will follow this one.

Two more of the small ones sold just before Mardi Gras weekend. The same buyer bought one of my 20” x 20” dot paintings as well. Hopefully that bodes well for the rest of
this year.


  1. I really like both of those! Congrats on the sales. (I was fortunate that way recently, too. Sold 3 in one week straight from my blog! Gotta love not having to pay commissions/fees!)

  2. lana:

    Thank you.

    Congratulations to you too. I agree with you about fees and commissions. Some time back I attended a program given by Rolland Golden’s wife, Stella, in which she talked about how small the pie was when selling art. She handles the business end for her husband’s work.

    These small pieces take a lot more time than I’d like them to – particularly when there’s a lot of detail. As it is, my current price for them has cooled sales some. But given my costs, I really should be charging more. At least I’m able to move them.

    I’m still trying to finish this batch. After some time has passed I’ll try to explain these two more. OK, back to painting. : D

    Mo : )