Sunday, March 18, 2007

The List

When I created the “o” series from Memphis, I painted off the top of my head for the first eight paintings. The first and eighth paintings were more specific than the others in terms of a specific place or specific experience. After that I decided to make a list of ideas for the other paintings. I eventually zeroed in on designs based on my list of ideas.

When I did the second batch, I had my list first, designs next and went on to flesh out the paintings. In the middle of doing that bunch I began creating a new list for another batch. So, at this point I have a more structured approach to my process. Of course all of this is subject to my whim.

Next to each idea I'll jot down some colors for the background. This just a beginning and is subject to change.

A couple of weeks back I misplaced my list and had to generate another one from memory. Then this week I found the original list. I compared the two and had only two ideas that disagreed. So, I made a third list that is now the game plan. Well that’s where I am now at least. Oh, and a list for the batch after this one is almost finished. The process only gets faster – at least for this stage.

List Materials: 1 - 5" x 8" Office Depot Perforated Writing Pad Canary, 1 PaperMate Sharp Writer Mechanical Pencil, 1 PaperMate Write Bros. Medim Ball Point Pen Black, and 1 Pilot VBall Rolling VBall Fine Black Ink

2 Sheets 5" x 8", 1 Office Dept Perfroated Writing Pad Canary, ink on paper

These are materials I like to use.

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